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Parliamentary question - E-001836/2022(ASW)Parliamentary question

    Answer given by Mr Hahn on behalf of the European Commission

    The EU’s commitment to support Ukraine is long-standing. The EU has provided financial assistance to Ukraine which over 2014-2021 amounted to: EUR 1.7 billion in grants under the European Neighbourhood Instrument, EUR 5.6 billion under five Macro Financial Assistance (MFA) programmes in the form of loans, EUR 194 million in humanitarian aid and EUR 355 million from other foreign policy instruments.

    The allocation initially foreseen for 2021-2024 through the Neighbourhood, Development and International Cooperation Instrument — Global Europe[1] Multiannual Indicative Programme for Ukraine[2] adopted in December 2021, amounted to a total of EUR 640 million (EUR 160 million on average per year).

    The EU has been providing support for policy development and comprehensive reforms, with strong involvement from Member States in a Team Europe approach. Among the flagship programmes are those on decentralisation, public administration reform and anti-corruption.

    From the start of Russia’s war of aggression to date, the Commission has mobilised around EUR 6.4 billion for Ukraine’s overall economic, social and financial resilience in the form of MFA, budget support, emergency assistance, crisis response and humanitarian aid.

    This figure includes the recent increase of EUR 500 million for budget support adopted on 1 July 2022. It also includes military assistance measures under the European Peace Facility, amounting to EUR 2 billion.

    On 18 May 2022, the Commission adopted a dedicated Communication on Ukraine Relief and Reconstruction[3]. The Commission underlines that the reconstruction of Ukraine will be a major priority for the EU.

    The ‘RebuildUkraine’ Facility would be the main financing instrument for the EU’s support, through a mix of grants and loans, to the reconstruction plan of Ukraine.

    With the war ongoing, the overall needs for the reconstruction of Ukraine are not yet known. They will extend beyond rebuilding of physical assets, including infrastructure.

    As stated in the communication, the Commission envisages to propose an exceptional MFA loan of up to EUR 9 billion to help Ukraine to address its immediate financial needs.

    As the first part of this exceptional MFA package, the Commission proposed a EUR 1 billion MFA operation on 1 July 2022.

    Last updated: 22 August 2022
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