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Parliamentary question - E-001922/2022Parliamentary question

Internationalisation of SMEs in Europe: call for greater coordination and coherence in the Commission’s action

Question for written answer  E-001922/2022
to the Commission
Rule 138
Gianantonio Da Re (ID)

Special Report 07/2022 of the European Court of Auditors, entitled ‘SME internationalisation instruments – a large number of support actions but not fully coherent or coordinated’, finds that although the Commission has managed to implement a number of key measures (such as the development of an online information portal for exporting companies – Access2Markets), important activities for improving coherence across the landscape of EU and Member State initiatives have not produced the desired results.

The Court stresses the lack of consistency among the many activities addressing SMEs’ internationalisation needs, and points to a lack of coordination between EU and Member State action.

Finally, the Court highlights that the Commission has not always paid sufficient attention to the financial sustainability of support programmes, many of which have been discontinued despite encouraging results.

In view of the above:

Last updated: 2 June 2022
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