Parliamentary question - E-002270/2022Parliamentary question

EU budget 2023 / Creative Europe programme

Question for written answer  E-002270/2022/rev.1
to the Commission
Rule 138
Niklas Nienaß (Verts/ALE), Hannes Heide (S&D), Diana Riba i Giner (Verts/ALE), Andrey Slabakov (ECR), Alexis Georgoulis (The Left), Irena Joveva (Renew), Ibán García Del Blanco (S&D), Tomasz Frankowski (PPE), Marcos Ros Sempere (S&D), Laurence Farreng (Renew), Domènec Ruiz Devesa (S&D), Loucas Fourlas (PPE), Massimiliano Smeriglio (S&D), Romeo Franz (Verts/ALE), Salima Yenbou (Renew)

‘Culture is and must be at the heart of the European project’ – this is Commissioner Hahn’s strong statement in the recently published Commission proposal for the 2023 EU budget[1].

We – the members of the Cultural Creators Friendship Group – fully agree.

In the light of the proposed 2023 budget for the Creative Europe programme (EUR 325.3 million in comparison to EUR 406.5 million for 2022), we would like to ask for clarification on the following points:

Last updated: 11 July 2022
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