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Parliamentary question - E-002428/2022Parliamentary question

    EU funding for the Egyptian coast guard

    Question for written answer  E-002428/2022
    to the Commission
    Rule 138
    Erik Marquardt (Verts/ALE), Tineke Strik (Verts/ALE)

    Commissioner Várhelyi recently confirmed that the Commission has pledged almost EUR 300 million in long- and short-term financial support to Egypt[1]. According to news reports, EUR 80 million of the funding is earmarked for the Egyptian coast guard for ‘border protection’ and to prevent Egyptians from fleeing[2]. Parliament has on multiple occasion voiced its concern about the dire human rights situation in Egypt, and since January 2021 3 500 Egyptians have fled the country by boat to Italy, making them the second largest group of Mediterranean arrivals there[3].

    Last updated: 13 July 2022
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