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Parliamentary question - E-002518/2022Parliamentary question

Action must be taken when equine traffickers break EU animal welfare rules

Question for written answer  E-002518/2022
to the Commission
Rule 138
Aurélia Beigneux (ID), Catherine Griset (ID), Virginie Joron (ID), Annika Bruna (ID)

At the beginning of June, several individuals were apprehended during an international fraud inquiry. They are accused of falsifying the passports of leisure horses, which were then sold for their meat.

It is well known that there are many directives in Europe establishing very strict animal welfare rules[1]. However, official checks are regrettably scarce. There are too few bodies tasked with checking the origin of equines, the veracity of their passport details, transport conditions, and even slaughtering conditions. Since checks are sporadic and fraudulent practices persist, leisure horses may be surreptitiously sent to slaughter and end up on our plates without anyone being able to intervene.

In the light of the above:

Last updated: 18 July 2022
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