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Parliamentary question - E-002681/2022Parliamentary question

Use of designations intended for meat producers in respect of plant-based vegetarian protein products

Question for written answer  E-002681/2022
to the Commission
Rule 138
Krzysztof Jurgiel (ECR)

As part of the recently concluded reform of the Common Agricultural Policy, an amendment to the Strategic Plans Regulation (COM(2018)0394) was proposed in the European Parliament, according to which plant-based vegetarian protein products would be unable to bear names associated with or traditionally reserved for meat products (e.g. plant-based burgers, sausages or steaks). However, this amendment was not adopted by Parliament.

Nevertheless, farmers’ organisations have long argued that the use of names traditionally used for meat products in respect of plant-based products may mislead consumers. Furthermore, the lack of harmonisation on this issue is detrimental to EU farmers and producers, who should benefit more from the protection of their traditional products, often covered by EU geographical indications.

France, for example, has already introduced legislation under which the designation of plant products with terms traditionally used for meat products will be banned.

I therefore ask the Commission:

Last updated: 27 July 2022
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