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Parliamentary question - E-002749/2022Parliamentary question

    German gas storage facility in Austria


    Question for written answer  E-002749/2022/rev.1
    to the Council
    Rule 138
    Lars Patrick Berg (ECR)

    The agreement reached by Member States to reduce their gas usage has shown the difficulty of formulating and implementing EU-wide policy in a time of crisis.

    In addition, the unilateral decision of the Austrian Government to connect its own grid to the Haidach gas storage facility, to the detriment of German consumers, appears to confirm that national interests far outweigh EU solidarity.

    Does the Council consider the action taken by the Austrian Government to be fair and equitable, and does the patchwork agreement to cut gas usage demonstrate that the nation state is the only viable level of governance in times of crisis?

    Last updated: 11 August 2022
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