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Parliamentary question - E-003036/2022Parliamentary question

Discrimination by banks

Question for written answer  E-003036/2022
to the Commission
Rule 138
Jean-Paul Garraud (ID)

A discrimination complaint against X has been filed in Paris by more than 70 people who claim that their accounts have been unfairly blocked by a number of French banks since the war broke out in Ukraine in February 2022.

Most of these clients of well-known French or online banks are either Russians living France or are French citizens of Russian origin or with a Slavic-sounding name; they are not, however, included on the blacklist of Russian celebrities or people close to Putin who have had sanctions imposed on them by the EU.

Some of the banks stated that the accounts had been blocked because of ‘the current political circumstances’ or their clients’ nationality ‘in the current context’.

French Rassemblement National members have faced similar discrimination in the past, having their bank accounts closed for no apparent reason. And many French banks refused to fund the Rassemblement National presidential campaign, despite being assured that they would be refunded once it was over.

Last updated: 19 September 2022
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