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Parliamentary question - E-003102/2022Parliamentary question

    Continued departures from EU public procurement legislation in Greece, despite warnings from the Commission and the Hellenic Single Public Procurement Authority (HSPPA)


    Question for written answer  E-003102/2022
    to the Commission
    Rule 138
    Dimitrios Papadimoulis (The Left)

    It is being reported[1] that the Hellenic Single Public Procurement Authority (HSPPA) has contacted the Greek Government, warning it of the risk of infringement proceedings against Greece prompted by the ongoing adoption of laws facilitating departures from standard tendering procedures as a matter of course, and noting that the pandemic crisis no longer provides such a cast-iron alibi for granting exemptions. In a recent opinion[2], the HSPPA refers to the granting of exemptions leading to outright infringements of EU law and the principles of equal treatment, transparency and fair competition. In reply to my previous question on such massive departures from public procurement provisions in Greece[3], the Commission indicated that it shared these concerns had asked the Greek Government to list the provisions in question by September at the latest in order to decide what action to take[4].

    In the view of this:

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