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Parliamentary question - E-003734/2022Parliamentary question

Algeria’s use of energy supplies as a political weapon

Question for written answer  E-003734/2022
to the Commission
Rule 138
Susana Solís Pérez (Renew)

The Maghreb-Europe Gas Pipeline (MGE) links Algerian gas fields via Morocco with Spanish and Portuguese gas grids. The pipeline cost EUR 2.3 billion and it came on stream in 1996. Before the pipeline ceased operating in October 2021, it mainly supplied Spain and Portugal, as well as Morocco, with natural gas.

Following the breakdown of diplomatic relations between Algeria and Morocco in August 2021, Algeria decided not to renew the 25-year MGE operation contract. This reduced the quantity of gas that Europe was receiving and contributed to increasing energy prices. Moreover, as a result of the Spanish Government’s recent statements on Western Sahara, Algeria increased the price of gas supplies to Spain through the Medgaz pipeline. This price increase has added to the dramatic consequences that the Spanish Government’s erratic economic and energy policies are having on people.

In the context of Putin’s war in Ukraine, Algeria’s use of energy supplies as a political weapon has direct consequences for EU citizens.

Submitted: 16.11.2022

Last updated: 22 November 2022
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