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Parliamentary question - E-003806/2022Parliamentary question

Impact of the proposal for a recast of the Energy Taxation Directive on the French fisheries sector

Question for written answer  E-003806/2022
to the Commission
Rule 138
France Jamet (ID), Eric Minardi (ID), Mathilde Androuët (ID), Jean-Lin Lacapelle (ID), Gilles Lebreton (ID), Patricia Chagnon (ID), Jean-Paul Garraud (ID), André Rougé (ID)

In its proposal for a recast of the Directive restructuring the Union framework for the taxation of energy products and electricity, the Commission does away with references that explicitly allowed Member States to grant tax exemptions on fuel for certain business sectors.

Thus, in order to protect the competitiveness of its fishing industry, France currently exempts fishermen from paying VAT and the domestic tax on consumption of energy products (TICPE) on maritime fuel. Given the drastic increase in the price of petroleum products, this exemption is all the more vital for the sustainability of the sector.

Can the Commission please answer the following questions:

Submitted: 23.11.2022

Last updated: 1 December 2022
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