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Parliamentary question - E-003860/2022Parliamentary question

Impact of EU climate policy on the primary aluminium production industry

Question for written answer  E-003860/2022
to the Commission
Rule 138
Kosma Złotowski (ECR)

As a result of climate policy, aluminium production in the European Union has become unprofitable and is increasingly being moved to third countries. In China, where about 60% of the world’s primary aluminium is currently produced, emissions are three times higher than in Europe. According to figures from European Aluminium, in the past year alone, Europe has had to shut down or halt half its production of aluminium, i.e. 1.1 million tonnes[1] of this raw material. The association has calculated that producing that amount of aluminium outside the EU has led to a 10.3‑million‑tonne increase in global carbon emissions. Experts estimate that European demand for aluminium in clean technologies alone – such as electric vehicles, solar power and electricity grids – will increase from 14 million tonnes in 2020 to 21 million tonnes in 2050.

Submitted: 29.11.2022

Last updated: 8 December 2022
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