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Parliamentary question - E-003897/2022Parliamentary question

Rising food prices and the potential of EU trade with neighbouring countries

Question for written answer  E-003897/2022
to the Commission
Rule 138
Massimo Casanova (ID)

Inflation is hitting supply chains, raising food prices in Europe and threatening people’s purchasing power. Rising energy prices have increased the cost of fertilisers, packaging and transport, which has forced fruit and vegetable producers to close[1] and supermarkets to raise prices[2]. Several EU countries have been affected. Endive plantations in France are closing down[3], as are Dutch and Belgian greenhouses[4]. This may lead to shortages of food production[5].

Conversely, sourcing some fruits and vegetables from the EU’s southern neighbours may be advantageous, thanks to the better climate conditions there. As Parliament recognised in March, diversifying sources of food imports is key to food security[6]. Therefore, fair trade can help sustain purchasing power and stabilise prices without compromising on the quality of products or the producers’ quality of life. Against this backdrop:

Submitted: 30.11.2022

Last updated: 7 December 2022
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