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Parliamentary question - E-003998/2022Parliamentary question

People’s Republic of China unofficial police stations in Member States

Question for written answer  E-003998/2022/rev.1
to the Commission
Rule 138
Pina Picierno (S&D)

Recent evidence has come to light in the ‘Patrol and Persuade’ report and other newspapers about the presence of several unofficial Chinese police stations in Member States. Beijing’s authoritarian position, its violations of human rights and its non-respect of national sovereignties are noteworthy. Germany and the Netherlands have launched investigations into this phenomenon, while other countries, such as Italy, are more reluctant to do so. Furthermore, Member States are responsible for maintaining law and order and safeguarding internal security. Regulation (EU) 2016/794 (the Europol Regulation) also states that the Agency has no bearing on the potential presence of third-country police officers in Member States.

We therefore ask:

Submitted: 7.12.2022

Last updated: 7 February 2023
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