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Parliamentary question - E-000241/2023Parliamentary question

Implementation of the Waste Framework Directive


Question for written answer  E-000241/2023
to the Commission
Rule 138
Henna Virkkunen (PPE)

The EU has set a target to recycle 85 % of paper and cardboard packaging by 2030. Paper cups are made of good recycling material, but they must be collected before they can be made into paper products again. In all EU countries, paper cups cannot yet be recycled. In order to promote fibre recycling and the circular economy, infrastructure and rules should be harmonised in the EU. In its proposal for a revision of EU legislation on packaging and packaging waste, the Commission does not put any focus on improving recycling rates in the Member States, for example, through introducing mandatory take-backs or other measures. These measures would further improve the recycling rates of paper-based packaging from the already high rate of 82 % (Eurostat) to almost 100 %.

Submitted: 26.1.2023

Last updated: 2 February 2023
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