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Parliamentary question - E-001159/2023(ASW)Parliamentary question

Answer given by Mr Sinkevičius on behalf of the European Commission

The Commission proposal for a revision of the Urban Waste Water Treatment Directive[1] aligns to the objectives of the European Green Deal, including with regards to the circular economy.

The revised Directive incentivises the recovery of phosphorus and nitrogen from wastewater, as these raw materials have become increasingly critical to the EU.

In the proposal from the Commission, a mandate is included to set minimum reuse and recycling rates for phosphorus and nitrogen from wastewater sludge in a further delegated act.

It is also proposed that Member States would have to systematically consider and promote the reuse of treated wastewater from urban wastewater treatment plants. Where the reused water is used for agriculture, it has to comply with the Water Reuse Regulation[2].

Overall, these new requirements are expected to drive further innovation, enabling the EU wastewater industry to remain one of the best performing worldwide.

Last updated: 5 June 2023
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