Parliamentary question - E-001540/2023Parliamentary question

Rail safety in the EU

Question for written answer  E-001540/2023
to the Commission
Rule 138
Ciarán Cuffe (Verts/ALE), Tilly Metz (Verts/ALE), Jutta Paulus (Verts/ALE), Ignazio Corrao (Verts/ALE), Jakop G. Dalunde (Verts/ALE), Karima Delli (Verts/ALE), Anna Deparnay-Grunenberg (Verts/ALE), Ana Miranda (Verts/ALE)

Several recent accidents have raised concerns about rail safety: 57 people lost their lives in Greece in the Tempi railway accident, a collision between two trains in Romania caused multiple casualties, and in the Netherlands, one person died and many more were injured after a train derailed. There are also reports that Slovakia is not complying with the requirements for an independent investigating body as laid down in the Railway Safety Directive[1].

Submitted: 11.5.2023

Last updated: 24 May 2023
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