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Parliamentary question - E-001790/2023Parliamentary question

Reform of UK data protection framework

Question for written answer  E-001790/2023
to the Commission
Rule 138
Gwendoline Delbos-Corfield (Verts/ALE), Saskia Bricmont (Verts/ALE), Sergey Lagodinsky (Verts/ALE), Patrick Breyer (Verts/ALE), Anna Cavazzini (Verts/ALE)

As part of the UK’s attempts to reform its data protection framework, the lower house of the UK Parliament discussed the Data Protection and Digital Information Bill on 17 April 2023. If the bill is adopted, it could make it more difficult to exercise data protection rights, contest an automated decision or seek administrative redress in the UK. It would also introduce delegated legislative powers for the government to remove legal safeguards, to authorise international data transfers that lack adequate safeguards and to interfere with the impartial functioning of the UK Data Protection Authority.

UK civil society organisations have called these provisions undemocratic, claiming that these powers would not be subject to meaningful parliamentary scrutiny. However, the UK Government has described the Commission’s comments on this bill as very positive.

Given this, could the Commission:


Last updated: 13 June 2023
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