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Parliamentary question - E-002375/2023Parliamentary question

European reports and protocols on unidentified anomalous phenomena

Question for written answer  E-002375/2023
to the Commission
Rule 138
Francisco Guerreiro (Verts/ALE)

On 26 July 2023, David Grusch, a former US Air Force intelligence officer, David Fravor, a former navy commander, and Ryan Graves, the executive director of Americans for Safe Aerospace, claimed in a hearing of the national security subcommittee of the US House Committee on Oversight and Accountability that the US Government was concealing vital information about unidentified anomalous phenomena (UAPs), as well as a multi-decade secret programme to recover and reverse-engineer potential non-human technologies. These claims, by high-ranking US officials, have profound implications for governmental accountability and transparency, as well as for national and international security.


Last updated: 10 August 2023
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