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Parliamentary question - E-002451/2023Parliamentary question

New genomic techniques and traceability requirements

Question for written answer  E-002451/2023
to the Commission
Rule 138
Chris MacManus (The Left)

Under the Commission’s legislative proposal[1] on new genomic techniques (NGTs), category 1 NGT plants are any plants that meet the criteria to be considered equivalent to conventional plants, with modifications that could have been produced through conventional breeding. The proposal would exempt category 1 NGT plants from traceability requirements.

The European Patent Office has confirmed that NGT plant innovators will continue to apply for patents under the system used for genetically modified organisms. This creates a situation whereby a breeder could produce, through conventional breeding, a plant similar to a category 1 NGT plant patented by another actor. With no traceability requirements, it would not be possible to prove that the material of the patent holder had not been used in the conventional breeding of the similar plant.

Submitted: 28.8.2023

Last updated: 4 September 2023
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