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Parliamentary question - E-002548/2023Parliamentary question

Distinction between slaughter animals and breeding animals in connection with animal welfare during transport

Question for written answer  E-002548/2023
to the Commission
Rule 138
Niels Fuglsang (S&D)

The Commission has announced that in autumn 2023 it will be putting forward a revision of existing animal welfare legislation, including Council Regulation (EC) No 1/2005 of 22 December 2004 on the protection of animals during transport and related operations and amending Directives 64/432/EEC and 93/119/EC and Regulation (EC) No 1255/97.

When discussing animal transport rules, some make a distinction between: (1) animals transported for slaughter and (2) animals transported for purposes other than slaughter (breeding animals).

In the light of this:

Submitted: 6.9.2023

Last updated: 12 September 2023
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