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Parliamentary question - E-002973/2023Parliamentary question

Support for the suffering Greek beekeeping sector

Question for written answer  E-002973/2023
to the Commission
Rule 138
Emmanouil Fragkos (ECR)

The value of the international honey market is expected to reach 25.8 billion dollars in 2028.

Meanwhile, Greek beekeeping is being tested on a number of fronts and namely by:

– the destruction of the forest in northern Evia;

– the loss of 109 000 bee colonies in Thessaly;

– the Evros wildfire;

– bad weather;

– unfair competition from non-EU countries;

– adulteration[1].

The illicit and irresponsible way in which forest services issue prohibitory provisions concerning forests is driving droves of beekeepers to central Evia and Chalkidiki.

Greek forests should be used evenly so as not to add to the problems beekeepers already face.

The siting issue could be resolved centrally by recommending forests for the placement of beehives.

There are also cutting-edge international practices that use digital and technological tools to improve beekeeping.

For instance, there are sensors that can quickly detect parasite threats and other unusual activity. In addition, there are systems in use that can automatically feed and provide water to bees, deal with parasites and even regulate temperature and humidity.

In view of this, can the Commission answer the following:

Submitted: 9.10.2023

Last updated: 16 October 2023
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