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Parliamentary question - E-003367/2023Parliamentary question

Classification of Member States as third countries for online shopping or telecommunication services


Question for written answer  E-003367/2023
to the Commission
Rule 138
Biljana Borzan (S&D)

When shopping online, using Amazon as an example, we see that delivery from the USA to the Republic of Croatia is more than 50% more expensive than delivery to other parts of the EU. Taking a dress as an example, delivery from the USA to France costs USD 15, to Cyprus USD 17, to Finland USD 17, to Morocco USD 37 and to Croatia USD 64. The same is true for telecommunications packages. Consumers from Switzerland inform me that the tariffs for Croatia often belong to the group of third countries and are more expensive than for other Member States. The same is true within the EU. Croatia, mostly alongside Bulgaria, is always in the third country group, while the other Member States are in the European group with the best prices.

What is the Commission doing to prevent such discrimination against some European consumers?

Submitted: 15.11.2023

Last updated: 20 November 2023
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