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8 June 2018

Major interpellation for written answer with debate G-000006/2018

to the Commission

Rule 130b

Ivan Jakovčić

on behalf of the ALDE Group

  Subject:              Recognising European Day as a public holiday aimed at promoting the values of the EU

9 May is Europe Day, in memory of the Declaration made by Robert Schuman on 9 May 1950, which is traditionally seen as the date on which the building of todays European Union began. On the one hand, this day serves to emphasise that the EU is based on the principles of the rule of law and democracy, and recalls how it transforms peoples lives for the better. On the other hand, Europe Day is an opportunity to form closer ties among the citizens, overcome the growing sense of distance between the people and the European institutions, and counter the anti-EU sentiments existing in some parts of the EU. Having regard to this:

1.              Would the Commission encourage the Member States to recognize Europe Day as a public holiday, and if so how?

2.              Can the Commission state what measures have already been adopted in order to share the EUs common values between the people and the European institutions, with a view to ensuring that 9 May is not only the celebration of the founding statement of European integration, but also provides an opportunity to reflect on major challenges, e.g. regarding migration, security and the economy?

3.              Are there currently any measures taken by the Commission to promote Europe Day as a day of acknowledging the values of EU citizens?

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