Parliamentary question - H-0610/2000Parliamentary question

EU-Turkey partnership

for Question Time at the part-session in September 2000
pursuant to Rule 43 of the Rules of Procedure
by Alexandros Alavanos
to the Council

In the process of adopting Regulation EC/764/2000[1] regarding the implementation of measures to intensify the EU-Turkey customs union, on a proposal from the Commission, Parliament's amendments concerning democratisation, respect for human rights and the rights of minorities in Turkey were effectively rejected. This development has given rise to fears as to whether the 'partnership', which will reportedly be discussed in the Council at the end of the year, will abide by the political terms and conditions laid down by the Helsinki Summit.


Does the Council, therefore, intend to adopt the proposal for a Regulation (COM(2000)169) regarding the implementation of measures to promote economic and social development in Turkey, together with the partnership? Can it give assurances that the Helsinki political criteria will be clearly defined within the partnership and that the mechanisms for monitoring Turkey's progress towards democratisation will operate as they do for the other states applying for membership?



Tabled: 30.06.2000