Parliamentary question - H-0070/2002Parliamentary question

IGMG (‘Milli Görüs’) and Islamic extremism posing a threat in EU Member States

for Question Time at the part-session in March 2002
pursuant to Rule 43 of the Rules of Procedure
by Ozan Ceyhun
to the Commission

As in previous years, Germany’s annual reports for 2000 on the Protection of the Constitution at national and regional level categorise the IGMG (‘Milli Görüs’) and the Islamic Federation in Berlin as ‘Security-endangering and extremist activities by foreigners’. These organisations are trying to influence the teaching of Islamic religious studies in state schools. This poses a great threat to society.


What knowledge does the Commission have of aspirations, activities and contacts of the IGMG, Milli Görüs and Islamic Federations in other EU countries?


How much information does EUROPOL have on this and what action is planned?



Tabled: 30.01.2002