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Parliamentary questions
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7 May 2002


for Question Time at the part-session in July 2002

pursuant to Rule 43 of the Rules of Procedure

by Olivier Dupuis

to the Council

  Subject: Georgia

 Answer in plenary 

At its fourth meeting, which took place in Tbilisi on 29 and 30 April 2002,  the EU-Georgia Parliamentary Cooperation Committee adopted a final document in which (point 14) it ‘calls on the Georgian and EU authorities to fulfil, as soon as possible, the Partnership and Cooperation Agreement (PCA), in order to create the basis for starting negotiations for an Association Agreement’.


Can the Council provide a comprehensive list of points of the Cooperation Agreement which have not yet been implemented and the reasons why this is case, together with a statement of strategy and the timetable prepared by the Council so that the Agreement as a whole can be implemented as soon as possible?


Moreover, does the Council not consider that the PCA, or even a possible Association Agreement, is not a suitable EU response for Georgia to be able to face the challenges arising out of the region’s extremely problematic situation? Does the Council not consider that the issue of Georgia’s accession to the EU should no longer be evaded, and that therefore, without further delay, Georgia should be included in the list of candidate countries, on the understanding that its membership will depend on its ability to integrate the acquis communautaire into its national legislation?



Tabled: 07.05.2002


Original language of question: FR 
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