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19 July 2005


for Question Time at the part-session in September II 2005

pursuant to Rule 109 of the Rules of Procedure

by Bernd Posselt

to the Commission

  Subject: Regulation (EEC) No 2081/92 on the protection of geographical indications and designations of origin - Karlsbader Oblaten (Karlsbad Wafers)

 Answer in plenary 

Regulation (EEC) No 2081/92[1] provides for the protection of foodstuffs the quality of which is attributable to their specific geographical origin. The Czech Republic is seeking to have such protection of designation of origin applied to the product known as 'Karlovarske oplatky' (Karlsbader Oblaten - Karlsbad Wafers).


Karlsbad Wafers have been produced for some 200 years now on the basis of old family recipes, and they gained their worldwide reputation during the Golden Age of the Bohemian spa resort of Karlsbad (Karlovy Vary). Until 1945, they were principally produced in what was known as the 'Spa Triangle' (Karlsbad - Marienbad - Franzensbad) - the majority of the inhabitants of which were German - and in Austria as well.


After the end of the Second World War, large numbers of the German-speaking population were expelled from Czechoslovakia, and many of the old-established bakers from Karlsbad and other parts of the Spa Triangle moved to other countries, including Germany and Austria, and used their know‑how to start up production of Karlsbad Wafers in their new homelands.


Is the Commission aware of this situation, and how will it take it into account when it assesses the Czech application for protection of designation of origin?



Tabled: 19.07.2005


[1]  OJ L 208, 24.7.1992, p. 1.

Original language of question: DE 
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