Parliamentary question - H-0671/2005Parliamentary question

Property rights of religious minorities in Turkey

for Question Time at the part-session in September II 2005
pursuant to Rule 109 of the Rules of Procedure
by Dimitrios Papadimoulis
to the Council

The Directorate-General for Foundations in Turkey has announced its intention of renting out property belonging to religious minority philanthropic foundations and which had previously been expropriated, persisting in its practice of violating the property rights of religious minorities. At the same time, the Turkish Government is tacitly consenting to this practice and has also brought before the national assembly a draft law on religious foundations, which stipulates that the Turkish State will return to its rightful owners only property under its jurisdiction and not property which has been sold illegally to third parties.


Is the Council aware of the practice followed by the Directorate-General for Foundations and the draft law tabled by the Turkish Government? Will it include this draft law on the agenda for the discussions it is to be hold with the Turkish authorities? What steps will it take to safeguard the property rights of religious minorities in Turkey, in the light of the accession negotiations due to begin on 3 October 2005?



Tabled: 22.07.2005