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Parliamentary questions
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17 July 2007


for Question Time at the part-session in September I 2007

pursuant to Rule 109 of the Rules of Procedure

by Proinsias De Rossa

to the Council

  Subject: Establishment of EU-Israel Subcommittee on Human Rights

 Answer in plenary 

In November 2005 the EU-Israel Subcommittee on Political Dialogue and Cooperation established an EU-Israel human rights working group.


Will the Council consider upgrading the EU-Israel human rights working group into a subcommittee on human rights which would meet more regularly than the working group (which up to February 2007 had met on only two occasions) and which could hold regular and systematic consultations with civil society in Israel, the Occupied Palestinian Territories and the EU to assess the human rights situation in Israel and the OPT?



Tabled: 17.07.2007


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