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9 October 2007


for Question Time at the part-session in November 2007

pursuant to Rule 109 of the Rules of Procedure

by Manuel Medina Ortega

to the Council

  Subject: 'Revolving door' immigration policy

 Answer in plenary 

Some political figures and specialists have raised the possibility of achieving an agreement between the Member States which would combine the monitoring of the Union's external borders with a new 'revolving door' immigration policy to allow legally established immigrants in the Union to return to their countries of origin without fear of encountering a closed door when returning to the EU.


Dories the Council consider this approach feasible, and would it be possible to set up this policy using straightforward intergovernmental cooperation or, would it be necessary to establish new institutional mechanisms to achieve this end?



Tabled: 09.10.2007


Original language of question: ES 
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