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Parliamentary questions
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7 March 2008


for Question Time at the part-session in April 2008

pursuant to Rule 109 of the Rules of Procedure

by Manolis Mavrommatis

to the Commission

  Subject: Exchange of information relating to bank accounts

 Answer in plenary 

The recent tax scandal in Lichtenstein had repercussions in many Member States of the EU. According to investigations by the competent authorities, citizens of the Member States are allegedly involved in tax evasion. I am informed that the Finance Ministers of the 27 Member States urged the responsible Directorate-General of the Commission to carry out a rapid investigation and propose a revision of the legal framework to permit the exchange of information relating to citizens' bank accounts.


How will citizens' personal data be protected under such a framework whilst introducing transparency and preventing the transfer and laundering of illicit funds? What procedure will the Commission propose to ensure that the 'opening' of bank accounts is achieved with the greatest respect for legality? In what way is it envisaged that Member States' taxation systems will be harmonised in order to avoid similar situations in the future whereby illicit funds are laundered through bank accounts?



Tabled: 07.03.2008


Original language of question: EL 
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