Parlamendi esitatud küsimus - H-0970/2008Parlamendi esitatud küsimus
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Reforming the budget

for Question Time at the part-session in January 2009
pursuant to Rule 109 of the Rules of Procedure
by Marian Harkin
to the Commission

The outcomes of the Commission’s public consultation on ‘Reforming the budget - Changing for Europe’ called for the Commission to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency in the delivery of the budget by increasing transparency and public access to it. In addition to this the recent publication of the Court of Auditors’ Report 2007 made various recommendations in terms of cost/risk balance, monitoring and reporting, simplification of instruments, and improving the information and control provided by Member States. Can the Commission comment on what steps it will take to address the main results of the public consultation and the Court of Auditors’ Report in terms of increasing performance and minimising administrative burdens?



Tabled: 02.12.2008