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Parliamentary questions
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24 February 2009


for Question Time at the part-session in March I 2009

pursuant to Rule 109 of the Rules of Procedure

by Elisabetta Gardini

to the Commission

  Subject: Delays in adopting UMTS-based services

 Answer in writing 

With more than 115 HSPA networks (HSPA being the latest technology enabling mobile service users to download data at high speed) and over 35 million users in Europe, UMTS technology, which has evolved out of GSM, has a key role to play and consumers appreciate it, not least because it offers many advantages.


If UMTS services are to go on developing, the regulatory framework requires that the 900 MHz GSM band be opened up to accommodate them. However, the revision of the GSM Directive 87/372/EEC[1], is very far behind schedule, and Member States are looking to the Commission, the Council, and Parliament to bring clarity to regulation.


Given the critical financial situation in Europe, a quick and responsible way should be found to allocate the band in question and reform the related directive so as to support the mobile communications business. All lawgivers therefore have the task of working towards a Europe-wide solution.


What political and technical measures will the Commission propose in order to avert further delays, which could affect the European electronic communications industry as a whole?



Tabled: 24.02.2009



[1]  OJ L 196, 17.7.1987, p. 85.

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