Parliamentary question - O-0004/2008Parliamentary question

A European Roma strategy

pursuant to Rule 108 of the Rules of Procedure
by Roberta Angelilli, on behalf of the UEN Group
to the Commission

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O-0004/2008 (B6-0005/2008)
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Council Directive 2000/43/EC[1] implementing the principle of equal treatment between persons irrespective of racial or ethnic origin lays down minimum requirements to protect all persons against discrimination in all the Member States. Member States shall lay down the rules on sanctions applicable to infringements of the national provisions adopted pursuant to this Directive and notify them to the Commission.


Is the Commission ready to verify if national measures have been taken to implement the Directive as far as conditions for access to employment, vocational training, social protection and above all education are concerned?


Is the Commission ready to take action in cases of non-compliance with the provisions of the Directive?


Is the Commission aware that Roma children are in many cases not given the vaccinations and medical care they require and there is a high rate of school absenteeism among such children (at least 50 % do not attend school)? Furthermore, is the Commission also aware that many Roma children are exploited for begging purposes and every year a large number of such children die in domestic accidents, particularly fires, caused by a lack of proper safety standards in camps?


Is the Commission of the opinion that education is a fundamental tool to combat social exclusion, exploitation and criminality?


Is it willing to launch a comprehensive action plan on Roma in 2008, including specific actions regarding Roma children, aimed at abolishing poverty, and for social inclusion and education?



Tabled: 09.01.2008

Forwarded: 11.01.2008

Deadline for reply: 18.01.2008