Parliamentary question - O-0010/2008Parliamentary question

European Union-Latin America and Caribbean Summit (Lima, 16 and 17 May 2008)


pursuant to Rule 108 of the Rules of Procedure
by Martin Schulz, Hannes Swoboda, Pasqualina Napoletano, Manuel António dos Santos, Raimon Obiols i Germà, Claudio Fava, Erika Mann, Sérgio Sousa Pinto, Gabriela Creţu and Luis Yañez-Barnuevo García, on behalf of the PSE Group
to the Council

Concerning the implementation of the objectives of the previous EU-LAC Summit, held in Vienna (Austria) in May 2006:


-  What measures have been adopted by the Council to give social cohesion the highest priority in the bi-regional cooperation and assistance programmes; to cooperate in the reform of the UN, the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund to improve the cash flow regulation; and to define common positions and joint actions between LAC and EU within various UN bodies and at major UN conferences?


-  What initiatives have been taken by the Council to give special attention to cooperation in areas such as climate change and energy – notably regarding renewable energy – on the basis of the Bali Agreement, and including the objectives of the European Commission climate action package adopted on 23 January 2008; and to reflect the importance of EU-LAC relations in the allocation of resources to the region, in particular in the field of climate change cooperation?


-  Concerning the negotiations on the association agreements between Mercosur, Central America, the Andean Community and the EU, how does the Council intend to instruct the negotiators to intensify their efforts to move the negotiation process forward?


Concerning the objectives on the fifth EU-LAC Summit to be held on 16 and 17 May 2008 in Lima, Peru:


-  What measures will the Council propose to implement the promotion of social cohesion, in particular education policies and poverty alleviation measures to eliminate discrimination, and the recognition of fundamental social rights; and to implement cooperation in areas such as climate change, energy and other environment-related issues?


-  What initiatives will the Council propose to the Summit in the debate on topics such as regional integration, development cooperation, democracy and human rights and migration?



Tabled: 28.01.2008

Forwarded: 29.01.2008

Deadline for reply: 19.02.2008