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10 October 2008


pursuant to Rule 108 of the Rules of Procedure

by Martin Schulz, Andrzej Jan Szejna, Marek Siwiec, Dariusz Rosati, Józef Pinior, Bogusław Liberadzki, Genowefa Grabowska, Bogdan Golik, Adam Gierek and Lidia Joanna Geringer de Oedenberg, on behalf of the PSE Group

to the Commission

  Subject: Reform programme for Polish shipyards

Shipbuilding is a global industry. In particular, Asian shipyards have entered the world markets, causing serious problems for shipyards in some of the EU Member States.


The shipbuilding industry in Poland has been a matter of special concern, in particular with regard to the shipyards in Szczecin, Gdansk and Gdynia. Over the last few years these shipyards have received major public financial support with the aim of restructuring and modernising the shipbuilding industry in Poland. The Commission has defined guidelines for this process of restructuring, privatising and restricting the output of this sector of industry. In the past these requirements have not been fully respected by two consecutive Polish governments. Eventually, however, on 12 September 2008 the Polish government submitted the necessary documents, which are being analysed by the Commissioner responsible. The government presented the reform programme and indicated potential investors. By doing so it fulfilled the conditions for opening the process of restructuring and reviving the shipyards and thus fulfilled the requirements set by the Commission. Although a negative response is under preparation by the Commission, it could be expected that the Commission will take the time necessary to conduct a full assessment of the effectiveness of the revised programme proposed by the Polish government and the final package of agreements between investors, the government and trade unions. Such a procedure seems indispensable, considering the immense possible social implications of the decision and the 100 000 jobs which are at stake.


1. Is the Commission therefore prepared to take sufficient time to make a full assessment of the proposals presented by the Polish government and to come up with a positive solution for this important sector of industry?


2. Is the Commission prepared to take - together with the Polish government - all the measures necessary to strengthen the competitiveness of the European shipbuilding industry and to avoid a bankruptcy of three big shipyards?



Tabled: 10.10.2008

Forwarded: 14.10.2008

Deadline for reply: 21.10.2008


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