Parliamentary question - O-0024/2009Parliamentary question

    Interim Trade Agreement (ITA) between the EU and Turkmenistan

    pursuant to Rule 108 of the Rules of Procedure
    by Jan Marinus Wiersma and Erika Mann, on behalf of the PSE Group, Daniel Caspary and Robert Sturdy, on behalf of the PPE-DE Group, Cristiana Muscardini and Eugenijus Maldeikis, on behalf of the UEN Group
    to the Council

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    O-0024/2009 (B6-0019/2009)
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    Can the Council explain to Parliament:


    1. What are the concrete reasons why the Council considers it justified to sign the ITA now?


    1. Why does the Council wish to continue with this process, taking into account the general situation in Turkmenistan, especially in the fields of human rights, democracy and freedom of religion?


    1. What is the Council’s position on the various reports by NGOs and others in Turkmenistan concerning the general situation in the country?


    1. What concrete improvements will the ITA bring to the relationship between the EU and Turkmenistan? On what basis does the Council believe that the EU will be successful in advancing human rights in Turkmenistan after concluding an ITA? Why does it believe that concluding an ITA is the most effective way for the EU to advance the cause of human rights in Turkmenistan?


    1. What concrete improvements is the ITA likely to bring to the situation in Turkmenistan, especially concerning respect for human rights and democracy? Will the PCA include a clear suspensive human rights clause?


    1. Will the Council suspend the ITA if requested to do so by Parliament? Will the PCA include a revision clause?



    Tabled: 13.02.2009

    Forwarded: 17.02.2009

    Deadline for reply: 24.02.2009