Parliamentary question - O-0032/2010Parliamentary question

Sport, specifically concerning players' agents

pursuant to Rule 115 of the Rules of Procedure
by Doris Pack, on behalf of the Committee on Culture and Education
to the Commission

Procedure : 2010/2646(RSP)
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O-0032/2010 (B7-0308/2010)
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In its resolution on the future of professional football in Europe (P6_TA(2007)0100), the European Parliament called on the Commission to support football governing bodies’ efforts to regulate players’ agents, if necessary by presenting a proposal for a directive.


The results of the study that the Commission duly launched are now available. It concludes, inter alia, that the various sports federations’ regulations designed to control access to the profession and create a framework for the exercise thereof do not really constitute a barrier to the internal market for services but that they lack sufficient provision for monitoring and disciplinary powers.


It seems clear from the reactions of the football governing bodies that they are seeking the European institutions’ help to tackle the various problems surrounding the situation of players’ agents.


How does the Commission want to address these challenges? What instruments does it have at its disposal for resolving the problems with regard to players’ agents? Given that players’ agents engage in cross-border activities, what role does the Commission see for itself, particularly in relation to the protection of minors, amongst other issues?



Tabled: 10.03.2010

Forwarded: 12.03.2010

Deadline for reply: 19.03.2010