Parliamentary question - O-0096/2010Parliamentary question

Free movement of workers - temporary restrictions affecting the Romanian and Bulgarian citizens on the European Union labour market

Question for oral answer O-0096/2010
to the Commission
Rule 115
Rovana Plumb, Iliana Malinova Iotova, Pervenche Berès, Stephen Hughes, Alejandro Cercas, Gianni Pittella, Jutta Steinruck
on behalf of the S&D Group

Procedure : 2010/2776(RSP)
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In accordance with the Accession Treaty, the Commission has examined on two occasions how the transitional arrangements that temporarily restrict the right of free movement of workers from eight Member States (EU-8) have functioned and what impact mobility of workers from the new Member States (EU-2) has had on the labour markets of the other Member States and the conclusion was that both reports found the free movements of workers is beneficial to the economy and does not have serious negative side effects on the labour markets.

1. What measures does the Commission take into consideration in order to encourage the Member States to further open their labour market to the labour force originating from Romania and Bulgaria?

2. Does the Commission intend to analyse and further develop a study regarding the working and living conditions of the ‘irregular’ labour force originating from Romania and Bulgaria in the other EU Member States?

3. Does the Commission intend to elaborate a study concerning the influence of this ‘irregular’ labour force upon the labour market in these Member States? Could it be possible that the above-mentioned measures produce more negative effects on these labour markets rather than protect the internal labour force?

4. Does the Commission consider there is a possible risk that the prolongation of the present restrictions for the Romanian and Bulgarian workers will lead to the appearance of a de facto special/‘second class’ category of EU citizens? Does the Commission consider the above-mentioned measures as being consistent with the goals and the spirit of the Lisbon Treaty and in particular with the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights?

Tabled: 24.6.2010

Forwarded: 28.6.2010

Deadline for reply: 5.7.2010