Parliamentary question - O-000140/2011Parliamentary question

    European Arrest Warrant

    Question for oral answer O-000140/2011
    to the Council
    Rule 115
    Timothy Kirkhope
    on behalf of the ECR Group

    Procedure : 2011/2563(RSP)
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    O-000140/2011 (B7-0409/2011)
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    The European Arrest Warrant (EAW) has proven to be an effective instrument in the fight against cross-border crime, organised crime and terrorism. However, as pointed out by the Commission, there is potential for its reputation and effectiveness to be undermined by reports of it not being used in a proportionate manner, and within the scope for which it was intended.

     Does the Council consider the EAW to have been a useful instrument and to have attained its objectives?

     What steps does the Council intend to take to guarantee that the future use of the EAW is proportionate in terms of the offence committed and financial cost?

     How does the Council intend to guarantee the legal and administrative rights of those sought under an EAW?

    Tabled: 31.5.2011

    Forwarded: 1.6.2011

    Deadline for reply: 22.6.2011