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16 June 2011

Question for oral answer O-000153/2011

to the Commission

Rule 115

Pervenche Berès, Karima Delli

on behalf of the Committee on Employment and Social Affairs

  Subject:  EU homelessness strategy

 Answer in plenary 

In December 2010, the European Parliament adopted a written declaration on an EU homelessness strategy to support Member States in developing effective national strategies in line with the 2010 Joint Report on Social Protection and Social Inclusion and as part of Europe2020. The 2010 Joint Report made it clear that the Member States should adopt integrated homelessness strategies focusing on key targets such as the prevention of homelessness and a reduction in its duration, targeting the most severe homelessness, improving the quality of services for homeless people and the supply of affordable housing. The 2010 European Consensus Conference on Homelessness called for an overarching EU Homelessness Strategy to support, monitor and coordinate the development of homelessness policies in the Member States. The European Platform against Poverty and Social Exclusion (EPPSE) is committed to continuing the Commission’s work on homelessness, taking into account the outcomes of the Consensus Conference.

What stage has the Commission reached in the development of an EU homelessness strategy within the framework of EPPSE? What does the Commission consider to be the central components of such a strategy, and how will it take into account the recommendations of the jury of the European Consensus Conference on Homelessness? How does the Commission envisage cooperation with the European Parliament on developing an EU homelessness strategy? Is the Commission considering drafting a communication on homelessness, and when? If not, why not?

In the framework of the Innovation Union and the European Platform against Poverty and Social Exclusion, how will the Commission support experimentation to gather further evidence on effective solutions for homelessness, and how will it support the dissemination and scaling-up of these solutions?

Written Declaration 61/2010 identified 5 key priorities that need to be addressed in order to bring an end to homelessness. How will the Commission facilitate progress towards these goals in the Member States?

Tabled: 16.6.2011

Forwarded: 20.6.2011

Deadline for reply: 27.6.2011

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