Parliamentary question - O-000260/2011Parliamentary question

  The situation of the Roma in Member States

Question for oral answer O-000260/2011
to the Commission
Rule 115
Monika Flašíková Beňová, Hannes Swoboda, Claude Moraes, Juan Fernando López Aguilar, Kinga Göncz, Emine Bozkurt, Ioan Enciu
on behalf of the S&D Group

Procedure : 2011/2901(RSP)
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O-000260/2011 (B7-0645/2011)
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The EU Framework for National Roma Integration Strategies, presented by the Commission in April 2011, establishes a common set of principles and targets to be met both at national and European level. The framework calls on Member States to align their national Roma strategies to its objectives. Member States are to update and present them to the Commission by the end of December 2011. The general goal of these strategies is to put an end to the exclusion of Roma by 2020. In some Member States, not only are inclusion policies not applied, but also discriminatory and undemocratic measures are taken by national, regional and local authorities. In other Member States racist, discriminatory and sometimes violent attacks against Roma are prevalent and the authorities fail to respond effectively.

What actions is the Commission taking concerning violations of the fundamental rights of Roma in Member States, especially violations of the right to freedom of movement and of residence? How does the Commission assist Member States in developing their national strategies and what has been the response of the Member States so far? How does the Commission monitor the anti-Roma incidents taking place across Europe? What actions is it taking to help national authorities tackle and prevent such attacks? How does the Commission plan to raise awareness among the Roma representatives and actually involve them in the development and implementation of these strategies?

Tabled: 13.10.2011

Forwarded: 17.10.2011

Deadline for reply: 24.10.2011