Parliamentary question - O-000327/2011Parliamentary question

Facing effectively the challenge of maritime piracy


Question for oral answer O-000327/2011
to the Council
Rule 115
Brian Simpson
on behalf of the Committee on Transport and Tourism

The European Parliament addressed the problem of maritime piracy in its resolution of 26 November 2009 and advocated a political solution to the problem of piracy off the Somali coast. Since then, the threat of piracy in the Indian Ocean has increased rapidly, becoming a danger to regional stability, world trade and all forms of maritime transport and shipping, including fishing vessels.

Against that background, can the Council answer the following questions:

1. What measures have been taken or are being planned:

  to address the land-based causes of the problem in the countries of origin of pirates,

  to secure the release of the 450-600 seafarers currently held hostage by pirates,

  to develop a harmonised EU approach to the issue of the use of certified armed personnel on board vessels?

2. What are the plans for the EU-NAVFOR Atalanta mission, in particular as regards ensuring the effectiveness of the EU’s response to maritime piracy, bearing in mind that the number of ships involved has shrunk from over 35 in 2009 to only 10 in 2011?

3. What action should be taken at international level, in particular under the auspices of the UN and the International Maritime Organisation, to enhance international cooperation in the fight against maritime piracy?

4. What measures have been taken to ensure that ransom monies paid into bank accounts in EU Member States can be traced and confiscated? How will the Council convince third countries to take equivalent measures so that piracy ransom monies can no longer be paid into bank accounts in those countries?

Tabled: 15.12.2011

Forwarded: 16.12.2011

Deadline for reply: 13.1.2012