Parliamentary question - O-000048/2013Parliamentary question

  Significant increase in Norwegian duties on agricultural products

Question for oral answer O-000048/2013
to the Commission
Rule 115
Vital Moreira, Christofer Fjellner
on behalf of the Committee on International Trade

Procedure : 2013/2547(RSP)
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O-000048/2013 (B7-0210/2013)
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Since 1 January 2013, European exporters of certain cheeses, lamb and beef have been faced with ad valorem duties of 277 %, 429 % and 344 % respectively in the Norwegian market. This was preceded by the imposition of a new 72 % import duty on hydrangea (hortensia) flowers.

Could the Commission indicate whether it was appropriately consulted by the Norwegian authorities ahead of their decision to propose such measures? Has the Commission requested consultations with the Norwegian authorities, and if so, what has been the outcome?

What are the Commissions estimates of the short and long-term consequences that these measures will have on the export flows of the products concerned from the EU to Norway?

Does the Commission consider these measures to be in breach of the obligations enshrined in the EEA Agreement, as well as backtracking from the latest EU-Norway Agreement on additional trade preferences in agricultural products, in force since January 2012, and which was considered to be mutually beneficial? Does the Commission believe that Norways new tariffs constitute a restrictive import measure, serving as a new trade barrier within the WTO and EEA context?

What further action does the Commission intend to take in the case that there are no credible attempts from the Norwegian authorities to resolve the issue swiftly?

Tabled: 26.4.2013

Forwarded: 30.4.2013

Deadline for reply: 7.5.2013