Parliamentary question - O-000110/2013Parliamentary question

  Entrepreneurship 2020 Action Plan - Reigniting the entrepreneurial spirit in Europe

Question for oral answer O-000110/2013
to the Commission
Rule 115
Paul Rübig
on behalf of the Committee on Industry, Research and Energy

Procedure : 2013/2532(RSP)
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O-000110/2013 (B7-0520/2013)
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The following questions are put to the Commission regarding the Commission communication Entrepreneurship 2020 Action Plan Reigniting the entrepreneurial spirit in Europe:

1.  To what extent is the Commission planning to incorporate the follow-up of the Entrepreneurship Action Plan 2020 into the reporting on the implementation of the Small Business Act?

2.  Education and training initiatives are mainly a competence of the Member States. What steps is the Commission intending to take to encourage as well as to support Member States implementing measures fostering entrepreneurial culture and education?

3.  The Commissions communication mentions a number of actions to reduce unnecessary administrative and regulatory burden for SMEs and entrepreneurs. Other measures are mentioned by the Small Business Act as well as in the draft Competitiveness of enterprises and SMEs (COSME) regulation. Could the Commission describe the integrated approach which it is following to reduce such burdens for small and medium-sized companies and the timetable it foresees for implementing specific measures?

4.  In spite of the urgent need for access to finance, the budget initially proposed for COSME, the EUs first and only SME-specific funding programme, is to be cut by 14 %. Would the Commission be willing to consider increasing the budget in the framework of the Multiannual Financial Framework (MFF) negotiations?

5.  (New) complicated VAT rules have long been among the greatest obstacles for entrepreneurs to use the potential of the single market. When can we expect the announced proposals to align rules and cut the costs of VAT compliance through a single declaration?

Tabled: 10.10.2013

Forwarded: 14.10.2013

Deadline for reply: 21.10.2013