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15 January 2014
Question for oral answer O-000013/2014
to the Commission
Rule 115
Bart Staes, Frédéric Daerden, Ivo Belet, Kathleen Van Brempt, Mathieu Grosch, Saïd El Khadraoui, Sirpa Pietikäinen, Ádám Kósa, Brian Crowley, Emer Costello, Gay Mitchell, Jim Higgins, Liam Aylward, Marian Harkin, Martina Anderson, Mairead McGuinness, Nessa Childers, Paul Murphy, Pat the Cope Gallagher, Phil Prendergast, Seán Kelly, Alfreds Rubiks, Vytautas Landsbergis, Andrzej Grzyb, Filip Kaczmarek, Marisa Matias, Eduard Kukan, Ivo Vajgl, Jelko Kacin, Alojz Peterle, Milan Zver, Mojca Kleva Kekuš, Tanja Fajon, Romana Jordan, Zofija Mazej Kukovič, Willy Meyer, Rosa Estaràs Ferragut, Izaskun Bilbao Barandica, Anna Hedh, Marit Paulsen, Mikael Gustafsson, Brian Simpson, David Martin, Jean Lambert

 Subject: Rights of persons with disabilities

Evidence shows that persons with disabilities in the European Union are being disproportionately affected by cuts in public spending(1). This is having a severe impact on the rights of persons with disabilities enshrined in the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights, and European Social Charter and other established laws and conventions to which the EU is bound.

What concrete measures is the Commission taking in its capacity as a member of the Troika and in its role in the European Semester process and as regards the country-specific recommendations to ensure that the EU’s commitments under these conventions and charters as well as the goals of the European Disability Strategy 2010-2020 are being met?

(1) Assessing the impact of European governments’ austerity plans on the rights of people with disabilities, European Foundation Centre, 2012.

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