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7 May 2015
Question for oral answer O-000051/2015
to the Council
Rule 128
Marita Ulvskog, on behalf of the Committee on Employment and Social Affairs

 Subject: Youth Employment Initiative - need for swift implementation at Member State level
 Answer in plenary 

The crisis has caused youth unemployment to reach alarming levels in many Member States and regions. Many young people are deprived of taking on a first job and thus obstructed from assuming independent adult lives. In 2013, to urgently help address the situation, the Youth Employment Initiative (YEI) was adopted. The purpose of the YEI is to provide funding to promote youth employment in the most affected regions of the EU, including by establishing youth guarantee schemes. With a view to ensuring swift implementation, the YEI was frontloaded and expenditure was made eligible as of 1 September 2013.

Yet, well over one year into the programme, the results on the ground do not meet initial expectations. Measures designed to allow for a quick uptake of funds have not led to a quick and efficient mobilisation of the YEI. Opportunities to urgently address youth unemployment have been left unused.

The YEI was initially proposed by the European Council. Yet, at present, over one-and-a-half years after expenditure was made eligible, Member States’ use of YEI resources falls far short of expectations and progress is uneven. Besides a lack of liquidity to launch the YEI – an issue now addressed by the proposed substantial increase in pre-financing – what is holding Member States back? How does the Council intend to urgently encourage swift and efficient implementation?

The Member States faced with the highest youth unemployment rates and hardest hit by the crisis are on average lagging behind in using YEI resources and implementing youth guarantee schemes, while long-term policies are needed to address this issue. What specific hurdles do they face? What improvements can the Council promise? Can the Council ensure sound funding for the YEI once the frontloading funds have been used?

Parliament is expecting a quick, efficient and result-oriented use of the additional pre-financing within 12 months after the entry into force of the amending regulation. What measures does the Council envisage in order to assure the young unemployed and Parliament of this swift use of funds? How does it intend to report on progress to the young unemployed, Parliament and other stakeholders involved? Can it promise an assessment of progress six months after the entry into force of the amending regulation? How does it intend to proceed when the results do not meet expectations, even after the current increased pre-financing?

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