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Parliamentary questions
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26 May 2015
Question for oral answer O-000061/2015
to the Commission
Rule 128
Dennis de Jong, on behalf of the GUE/NGL Group

 Subject: OLAF Supervisory Committee's annual report 2014
 Answer in plenary 

The OLAF Supervisory Committee’s (SC) annual activity report 2014 has raised some serious concerns in Parliament. According to the report, there are problems with the SC’s independence, OLAF’s compliance with the OLAF regulation and the working arrangements between OLAF and the SC. The report leaves doubts about how effectively OLAF protects the Union’s financial interests:

– OLAF opened 423 cases on the same day following a single decision by the OLAF Director-General, in contradiction with the legal requirement of opening an OLAF investigation,

– The SC has constantly pointed out its inability to supervise OLAF’s independence, its investigative function, the application of procedural guarantees, and the duration of investigations on account of a lack of access to necessary information,

– There is a fundamental difference of views in the perception of the role of the SC.

1. How has the Commission reacted to the above incident concerning the opening of those cases?

2. What has it done to ensure that OLAF complies with the legal requirements addressed to it in the OLAF regulation?

3. What is the Commission’s view of the working arrangements and working relations between OLAF and the SC? How does it intend to facilitate a constructive dialogue between them, so that they can both play their role in the protection of the Union’s financial interests and optimising the functioning and efficiency of OLAF?

4. Does it have an action plan to solve the serious deficiencies raised in the Supervisory Committee’s annual activity report?

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