Parliamentary question - O-000064/2015Parliamentary question

    European Agenda on Security

    Question for oral answer O-000064/2015
    to the Council
    Rule 128
    Claude Moraes, on behalf of the Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs

    Procedure : 2015/2697(RSP)
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    O-000064/2015 (B8-0566/2015)
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    On 28 April 2015 the Commission adopted a Communication on the European Agenda on Security for the period 2015-2020 (COM(2015)0185) which replaces the Internal Security Strategy (2010-2014). The Agenda sets out the priorities and the key principles in the area of security as well as the Union measures aiming at improving information exchange, strengthening operational cooperation and providing support actions to the Member States. The Commission has invited Parliament and the Council to endorse the Agenda, and has called for the active engagement of the EU institutions in the implementation of it.

    1. Can the Council indicate how it envisages implementing the European Agenda on Security, and how it will cooperate with Parliament in the process of monitoring the implementation of the Agenda?